Full membership
Full membership for 2017-18 season is £95. This covers the 'regular' season from September to May and the extra summer sessions. Full members will be considered for team selection (if they wish) and also have the right to attend and vote on any matters discussed at the club’s AGM. If you join part-way through the season the fee will be pro-rated accordingly.

Guest Fees
Guest fees are payable if you would like to play at the club before committing to joining. The club’s policy is that anyone can pay guest fees for a maximum of 3 weeks and then discuss potential membership with a committee member. Should you become a full member any guest fees paid to date will be deducted from your full membership cost. Guest fees are £3 per night per person.

Associate membership
This is a pay-as-you-play membership, the cost of which is £5 per person per night. Associate members are not automatically considered for team selection and do not hold any voting rights at the club’s AGM.

Match fees
Match fees are £3 per person per match.